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Danielle Nardi

Favorite splurge food: Ice Cream! (specifically anything with peanut butter and chocolate...YUM!)Go-to fitness routine: I'm currently training to do a 5k, half marathon and full marathon over 3 consecutive days, so my go-to fitness right now is running, running and more running!  I also truly believe that yoga is not only am amazing workout on it's own, but it's a fantastic compliment to ANY fitness routine.  I do yoga 2-3 times a week and am in the process of getting my 200 hour yoga teacher certification!Favorite way to de-stress: My favorite ways to de-stress are getting a deep tissue massage or taking a good, long, hot shower!  A restorative yoga class also does the trick!Why I'm a greatist: I'm a greatist because I recently took the initiative to make some major changes in my life to work towards being the person I really want to be!A little over a year ago I decided to challenge myself to go from non-runner (and sworn running hater) to half marathoner. Along the way I fell in love with the way running, training and living a healthier life made me feel - not just while working out, but all the time! I was a happier, more confident person...and I liked that person!After I conquered 13.1 miles I kept going and completed my first full marathon 8 months after I started running. I began practicing yoga regularly and I started a blog to share my experiences and passion with others. I've now run 4 half marathons, 1 mud run, am training for my 2nd full marathon and plan on doing my first triathlon next summer. I'm currently in the process of getting my 200 hour yoga teacher certification and am working towards a career change. My goal is to be fully transitioned into the health and fitness field in 5 years, where I can help others realize their healthy living goals.I'm committed to being the 'greatist' me I can be and I'm excited to spread Greatist's mission by sharing my experiences, providing healthy living tips and encouraging others work towards their personal goals.

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