Simple & Elegant Fabric Gift Wrapping for Mother's Day

How to Wrap Presents With Fabric

Using fabric to wrap gifts is an excellent option for avoiding waste and truly personalizing the entire gift. This method doesn't require paper that gets thrown away and it can even form an integral part of the gift depending on what item of fabric you use. This article provides a number of suggestions for using fabric to wrap gifts, to inspire your own approach.


  1. Recycle unwanted fabric.The first possibility is to use fabric that you have sitting around in your stash that could be used as wrapping. Another alternative is to use old clothing that is in good condition and to cut it into pieces suitable for using as gift wrapping. Wherever you've sourced the fabric from, it's easy to use it for wrapping:
    • Using pinking shears, cut the fabric into a rough circle or square. Ensure that the fabric is adequate to cover the bottom, sides, and top of your gift.
    • Add several inches or centimeters more, for a gathering of fabric, at the top or sides of the package. If wished, pinking adds a decorative edge and helps to keep fabric from raveling.
    • Gather the fabric around the gift.
    • Fold into place.
    • Secure the gathered fabric, at the top of the gift, with a ribbon or similar item. As you can see from the image here, the fabric was easily tied into the shape of a Christmas cracker (bonbon).
  2. Use cooking related fabric items for cooking gifts.There are lots of fun items for cookware gifts, such as using an apron, dish towel, oven mitts, tablecloth, serviettes, etc. Simply place the gift inside the cooking related cloth and fold over. Complete by tying in place with a ribbon or get creative and use cooking items to hold it in place, such as bag clips, tongs, utensils, etc.
    • In this case, the apron ties were able to double up as the gift tie as well – think outside the box when coming up with wrapping solutions and see whether attachments to the fabric item itself can be used to hold it together.
  3. Use clothing to wrap gifts.If the clothing is durable and won't be marked easily by transporting it or leaving it with other gifts, it can make a great gift wrap. You could use a more substantial item such as a sweater to wrap around more delicate items such as lingerie inside. Seal with a lovely ribbon. Here is one method:
    • Choose the clothing items; here, a sweater with an interesting design and some socks.
    • Stuff the socks inside the sweater.
    • Fold up the base of the sweater.
    • Fold the sleeves in from each side.
    • Finish folding into a neat bundle and turn it over.
    • Fix into place with a suitable ribbon or tie.
  4. Use towels to wrap bathroom treats.You can use any size from face washers and hand towels to bath sheets and even bathrobes as gift wrapping. Towel is a resilient fabric that will work well as a gift wrapping. Ideas of things to place inside include more towel items, spa products, shower products, cosmetics, soaps, etc. Tie in place with ribbon or other soft fabric pieces. Here is an example using a face washer and a small gift:
    • Select a suitable towel item, such as this face washer.
    • Place the gift in the center.
    • Start folding the gift into the face washer.
    • Tie into place. In this case, a patterned silk scrunchie was used, which also forms part of the gift.
  5. Use bed linen to wrap gifts.The suitability of doing this will depend on the durability of the item used but for some bed linen, it can be a great gift wrap. For example, you could wrap a set of sheets in a single pillowcase, a duvet cover, or a blanket. Always use the most durable linen item to protect the other items. Use string, raffia, ribbon, etc., to keep the wrapping place. Here is one example using a sheet set and a fancy sunroom pillow case:
    • Choose your items and check that the fabric wrap is large enough.
    • Place the sheet set inside the pillowcase and fold over.
    • Tie into place. In this case, the pillowcase ties formed the first layer of tying, followed by the yarn for the outer layer of tying.
  6. Make a craft person's day.For someone who loves quilting, sewing, or making craft using fabric pieces, let your imagination run riot in using fabric as wrapping. For a quilter, an obvious choice is to use a fat quarter to wrap a stack of fat quarters. For a seamstress, wrap a bundle of fabric inside a piece of fabric. The idea is best if the fabric used to wrap can also form part of the gift and be used in the craft person's pursuits. Here is an example using a stack of fat quarters inside one fat quarter:

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This tutorial shows how to use fabric and recycled paper as wrapping inspiration. The fabric styles are modeled on furoshiki and the demonstration using fabric commences at 2:46.
  • Wrap wine bottles, toys or birthday gifts in bright colored cottons, velvet or lace.
  • Remind the person who is receiving the gift to recycle the fabric and ribbon once again.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric or one of the other fabric items discussed above; always measure to see if it will fit the gift item adequately before using
  • Pinking shears (sharp) (where relevant)
  • Ribbon, yarn, string, lace, etc.

Video: Japanese Furoshiki: How to wrap boxes

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